Living Life On To

Life On Top Design   is a luxury clothing and goods marketplace geared towards live music, the community it creates, and the amazing connections that form through years of,  "running into that same person every time in the Parking Lot".

Music has been a massive element of my life since I was young. The exchange of energy through the music, the healing power received from that, and the connections made in turn is truly the greatest gift on earth. That being said, I have always admired the ecosystem that has lived outside the venues and in The Lot. There is something to be said about the sales mentality, creativity, and overall hard work that goes into vending, selling food, and most importantly keeping it rolling to the next stop on tour!

I learned about the mindset, the hustle, and the importance of keeping the music at the forefront of it all,  from my father who toured with the Grateful Dead for nearly 20 years and 250 shows. 'Lot Mentality' is one of hard work, inspiration, and being part of a culture that spreads positivity and love to our companions on this ride. Music truly is the universal language of the world.

LOT Design creates the highest quality of goods that encapsulates the good vibes from living Life On Top at all times; and we welcome collaboration with birds of a feather.

Follow us to stay up to date on product releases including our Charitable Release promotion that will donate a percentage of sales to a cause that is important to myself and those on the Lot Team.

Much Obliged,
Colbin and The Lot Team
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